image Guest Blog for F**k Depression Fitness


Through Instagram, I connected with Diana who actively discusses mental health and physical fitness, and she kindly let me take part in an interview for her blog.

Diana thanks for letting me get in involved!

Have a read at the following link:

Marcus Brown & His Passion For Marathons



  1. Great guest post friend! Love your perspective – have you considered other ways to combine your love for running with beinging awareness of the topic of mental illness – or other topics for that matter? The idea is really inspiring

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    • At this stage I don’t really have a plan, and just doing what feels right. But you have raised a great point for me to consider moving forward. Thanks my friend!

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      • You’re welcome =) – was just curious, though I can fully understand that the current endeavour (sp?) requires your full attention. I’m following with great interest, and wish you all the luck in the world =)

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      • Thanks for the best wishes. Definitely will be giving it some thought and taking action, along the lines of what I’m currently doing.


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