About me

My name is Marcus Brown and I am a ASICS FrontRunner and a multiple marathon runner.

I first started running in 2006, after a bet from a friend. It was a 10k. Training was hard as I was out of shape from easy living at university. Back then I was over 95kg now I’m around 80kg. But once I completed the 10k, I felt a massive sense of achievement. Then I ran other events until I built my confidence to run my first marathon in 2008.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I started documenting my running on social media, the reason is naturally I’m a reserved and quiet person in private, but I believe that you need to push your comfort zones to grow, so I put myself out there on social media in an open and honest way regarding my running training.

Since then I’ve mainly used my Instagram profile @themarathonmarcus and my blog as a log of my running journey and race travels along the way, as I work towards advocating the balance of a sound mind and sound body.

I aim to show the ups & downs of my own experience, in an honest way which highlights the low and high points of training, working and parenting, whilst running races across the world.

My current goal is to complete the six world majors (5 out of 6). And I’m currently on marathon number 16 & counting.